I give to you, what yoga has given to me

Yoga Nectar was founded by Perry Lewis, who holds a teaching diploma awarded by the British Wheel of Yoga. With a love for India, the traditional home of yoga, Perry has attended a number of retreats in Rajasthan, Goa and Kerala where he greatly enhanced his practice and teaching skills.

Having worked in the City of London for many years, Perry experienced first-hand, how the practice of yoga helped him cope with the stresses and strains of life….and how a yogic physical, breath and mind practice enabled him to keep a clear and balanced mind no matter what crossed his path.

Perry has been practicing yoga for twenty years and been teaching for ten years.  He passionately believes that the practice of yoga provides us all with tools to greatly increase the quality of our lives.

Yoga Nectar was founded to give you the tools to enhance the quality of your life . We do this through guiding you through physical, breath and meditation practices which you can incorporate into your daily lives. This is with view to providing you a sense of mental and physical wellbeing. So that when you leave one of our sessions, you will feel relaxed and energised and have an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

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Perry Lewis

Jenny Wilkins

Class Member

I joined Perry's yoga class 10 years ago.  I am in my late 70's and wanted to try to stay supple as long as I could.  Perry took all my ailments associated with my age on board and has always kept an eye on me during the yoga sessions to make sure that I was OK, especially if there was a pose that I was having difficulty with.  There is a wide range of ages and abilities in our class and Perry always adapts the sessions to accommodate everybody.   I have no hesitation in recommending Perry's yoga classes.

Helen Clegg

Class Member

I've been going to Perry's yoga classes for over 10 years.  He is sensitive to the individual needs of a group with a wide range of abilities.  He gently encourages us to push ourselves just a little further than we would naturally choose which is most beneficial. 

I always feel very relaxed after every session. I occasionally try other yoga classes: Perry, remains the benchmark by which I assess other teachers.

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