Mixed Ability Classes

Classes are 1-1½ hours and are suitable for both beginners and more experienced yogis.

Physical practices may include posture work, vinyasa (flowing sequence of postures) aimed at building strength and promoting flexibility and suppleness. To help beginners and less experienced yogis, alternative postures are suggested where postures can appear more challenging.

Classes will usually include both a breath practice (pranayama) and a meditation or relaxation. From time to time we include a Yoga Nidra practice – very relaxing!

Classes are currently held in Leicester (LE4) and Grantham areas (NG33) areas. Call us for dates and times.

Private Tuition

If you want your own tailor made class, a private session or series of sessions can be arranged either at a studio or at your home or at your workplace.

Each session will be individually crafted to your own specific needs and can include groups of people.  A programme of yoga sessions can also be arranged and configured to achieving your own specific personal goals.

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Our Approach

In our classes we seek to make the yoga experience both enjoyable and challenging. But yoga must be right for the individual.

Each one of us may look for something different from our yoga practice. We also may have physical limitations or conditions that may determine the type of practice suitable for you.

Yoga is flexible and can adapt to your needs. So when joining classes for the first time, we would like to get to know a little more about you so we can ensure the practice fits your needs. This will include a short consultation and completion of a questionnaire.

Arrival, What to Bring, What to Wear…

Students are encouraged to arrive ten minutes before commencement time so as to prepare for class. It is suggested you wear loose clothing with extra layers for warmth or bring a blanket.

Please bring a suitable yoga mat. The mat should be a non-slip ‘sticky’ mat such as a Warrior mat. It is also encouraged to also have a thick and thin block.

If you have trouble buying any equipment, call us and we can supply. The teacher will have a limited supply of blocks, belts and eye pillows that may be borrowed for the duration of the class.

Take Care!

Communicate: Please advise tutor of any injuries, medical conditions or illnesses whether ongoing or temporary before the class.

Any Pain?: If any practice causes pain STOP, & alert tutor!

Do not force yourself into any posture! - listen to your body and accept its limitations.

Muscles are for stretching, ligaments are not!

In doubt?: Ask the tutor

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